About Us

Newsarama is the place where comic book fans and sci-fi enthusiasts can find the latest news, theories and speculation about their favorite characters, movies, books, games and shows.

Mission Statement

To be a must-see 365-day-a-year comic book convention without the long lines.

Our History

Newsarama was founded in 1998 as weekly newsletter compiling bits of comic book news, and has evolved from what was first major professional comic book news website to 18 years later one of the largest and influential genre websites in history.

Through its various incarnations over the past two decades, which includes Eisner Awards and former contributors that have gone on to run the marketing departments of major publishers and have influenced every other major comic book news site, one thing has remained a constant - Newsarama’s commitment to high quality reporting and content and its love of the art form and the genre community.

Newsarama People

Michael Doran, Senior Editor


The founder of Newsarama and the original full-time comic book reporter, Michael Doran has been on the comics’ beat and genre news since Comic-Con’s Hall H used to be three-quarters empty for most of the show and when the idea of a Guardians of the Galaxy or Suicide Squad big-budget feature films would have gotten you laughed out of any comic book shop. Or in other words, a really, really long time.

Chris Arrant, Editor


Chris Arrant has covered comic book news for 13 years, first joining Newsarama.com as a freelancer contributor in 2003. Chris officially joined the staff as editor in 2015.
In addition to his work at Newsarama.com, Chris has written about comic books, animation, and associated media for USA Today, Publisher's Weekly, Life Magazine, Marvel Entertainment, TOKYOPOP, CartoonBrew.com, and CBR.com.

He is also author of the book Modern Masters: Cliff Chiang, and as well as fiction stories published in the Eisner-winning anthologies Comic Book Tattoo, 24Seven, and Negative Burn.


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