DC Announces Super-Family Crossover; More November News

UPDATE Friday Aug. 10: In advance of the presumed release of their November 2012 solicitations on Monday, Aug. 13, DC Comics has been teasing some November covers along with some news and creative changes on their official website this week.




- Friday morning DC announced a crossover between the 14th issues of November's Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl called “H’el on Earth," pitting the title characters against a "maniacal alien", H’el.

Tom DeFalco and guest artists R.B. Silva and Rob Lean tackle Superboy #14, which guest stars Supergirl and the Teen Titans. Playing off the events of Superman #13, "Superman’s deadliest new foe comes after Kon-El!"

Next up is Supergirl #14 by Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar, in which Kara meets H’el, but "finds herself agreeing with his pro-Krypton/anti-Earth plans." 

Finally in Superman #14, by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort, "the Man of Steel himself will be forced to come face to face with the gang’s worst nightmare: a creature of unknown Kryptonian origin who is not only more powerful than Superman, but is also smarter than Supergirl and more lethal than Superboy. How will Superman combat a threat of this magnitude"


- Here's an exclusive look at the variant cover to November's Team 7 #2. For an in-depth conversation with writer Justin Jordan about the series, the team's role in the secret history of the New 52 and clarification of the team's line-up, click on the link.


- Next up is the cover to Green Lantern #14, a "Rise of the Third Army" chapter, featuring the mysterious new Lantern the publisher has revealed to retailers is named Baz.

The issue, by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy, features the Justice League demanding answers from the new GL after Hal Jordan goes missing.

“We’re going to be meeting a brand new Green Lantern in issue #0, and unlike his predecessors, he’s not the sort of guy you’d be expecting to wear the ring. That’s putting it mildly,” teased series editor Matt Idelson.

“After the events of Green Lantern Annual #1, Hal Jordan is MIA in a very big way, and our new Green Lantern finds himself in a new role, though his troubled life isn’t going to go away in the slightest. In fact it’s the things he’s notorious for that in large part bring the Justice League into the picture—they want to know what’s happened to Hal, and what this guy thinks he’s doing filling the role of Green Lantern. It’s going to be intense, but also very, very cool.”


- Pete Woods provides guest art for Aquaman #14, also written by Johns of course, and featuring Ocean Master. According to the publisher, "In the aftermath of 'The Others,' who lives and who dies? And what is the fate of the Atlantean relics?"

- Writer Scott Lobdell welcomes another guest artist, Pascal Alixe, onto his series Red Hood and the Outlaws for issue #14. The due previously teams on the upcoming Superman Annual #1, and the armored Man of Steel just so happens to guest star in the issue as well.


Writes DC: "Just as the team gets back to Earth ... they are interrupted by Superman. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the fact there’s a Black Market alien technology being fenced and the Man of Steel has traced a connection to the Red Hood!"

“Superman vs. the Outlaws! Even with Starfire, it’s a short fight - but what a fight!” teased series editor Eddie Berganza. “Now what brings the Man of Steel on the trail of Red Hood and company will be leading into bigger things for both this book and Superman.”

- Nightwing doesn't just get a guest artist in the fall, it gets a guest writer too - Tom DeFalco, for issue #13 and #14, featuring the New 52 Lady Shiva. Andres Guinaldo and Mark Irwin provide the art.

"In issue #13, find out why one of the world’s most grave assassins returned to Gotham City," writes DC. "And in issue #14, watch the epic martial arts throwdown between the two. And even if Nightwing may be outmatched this time, he won’t go down without a fight!"


“When writer Kyle Higgins needed a breather to gear up for the Joker’s monstrous return in issue #15, I turned to Tom, who pitched in on issue #0,” series editor Brian Cunningham explained. “I’ll just come out and say it: Tom ranks among the best ever at writing street-level heroes. And Tom really delivered with his first solo trip to Gotham, following the narrative that Kyle has developed without skipping a beat, and helping to set up the Joker arc. And it felt natural for Tom to continue exploring the character of Lady Shiva, who first appears in Nightwing #0."

"In this story, both Dick and Shiva have grown up some since their first encounter—they’re not teenagers anymore—so it’ll be fun to see how each fares in a fair fight. Wait, did I say fair fight? Forget it—Shiva remains by far the better fighter, so it’s up to Dick to find a way just stay alive!"

- Finally, DC has revealed the upcoming dates/creator line-ups for new chapters of the Thursday-debuting digital first series Legends of the Dark Knight.


Here’s the full schedule and creator line-up through the fall:

 August 9— “A Game to Die For” written by TJ Fixman with artwork by Christopher Mitten

 August 16— “Slam!” Part 1 written by Joshua Fialkov with artwork by Phil Hester & Eric Gapstur

 August 23— “Slam!” Part 2 written by Joshua Fialkov with artwork by Phil Hester & Eric Gapstur

 August 30— “Slam!” Part 3 written by Joshua Fialkov with artwork by Phil Hester & Eric Gapstur

 September 6— “Bat-Man: The Movie” written by Andrew Dabb with artwork by Giorgio Pontrelli

 September 13— “Together” written by Jonathan Larsen with artwork by Tan Eng Huat

 September 20— “Gotham Spirit” written by Jeff Parker with artwork by Gabriel Hardman

 September 27— “Dungeons & Dragons” writing and artwork by Mike Oeming

 October 4— “Look Inside” written by Rob Williams with artwork by Juan Ryp

 October 11— “Arkham's Ghost” Part 1 written by Joe Harris with artwork by Jason Masters

 October 18— “Arkham's Ghost” Part 2 written by Joe Harris with artwork by Jason Masters

 October 25— “Arkham's Ghost” Part 3 written by Joe Harris with artwork by Jason Masters

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