Marvel NOW! Reveals Gillen/Land IRON MAN Details


In an interview on Monday morning, Marvel officially revealed Kieron Gillen and Greg Land's next project, as part of the Marvel NOW! ongoing relaunch. Iron Man #1 will be hitting November 2012 with the new team taking on, as Gillen describes, "the iconic Avenger."

In the interview, Gillen talks about the challenges - and changes - in writing this book compared to his two current titles, Journey Into Mystery and Uncanny X-Men.

"This is actually the first solo hero I’ve ever written," Gillen told "The Thor run really doesn’t count because it was a bit strange; every book I’ve written has been a sort of team book. Loki, abstractly, is the lead [of JiM] but in practice he isn’t and, on a larger scale, has gone 23 issues and hasn’t hit anybody. That’s not a traditional Marvel super hero."

As for what he likes about Tony Stark, Gilen finds him to be an easy character to relate to, as he's constantly questioning morals, beliefs, and how he evaluates the world around him.

"The story will focus on him questioning things about himself and trying to find out exactly how the universe ticks, what’s this all about and why he does this anyway. It’s going to be one of the major themes of the book going forward. For as long as I’m on the book it will be one of the two major themes I’m working on, like on Uncanny X-Men [with] the theme of power and the corruption thereof."

As for that second theme? It's all, or mostly, about the ladies.

"I’m going to explore Tony and his relationship with women. I’m interested in Tony’s selection of women in everything, from his mom, to Pepper, to the random people he’s sleeping with and everything that relates to them. He’s a complicated guy and he does bad things occasionally without thinking."

In contrast to the way he (mis)behaves with women, however, Gillen wants to send Tony Stark on a "Grail Knight" kind of arc. He'll be out in the world, and wearing the Iron Man armor quite a bit. In the first five issues of the relaunched title, in fact, Tony will be in different armor, and facing new villains in one-and-done stories connected more by motif than a strict multi-part storyline.

"Each issue will illuminate something about Tony and they’re all very different," said Gillen. "Issue two is a lot like the Bruce Lee Kung-Fu Island story; it’s like a joust, it’s all about the knight imagery, essentially going to a tournament. Issue three is like a ninja story, Tony Stark trying to be a full-on stealth master, issue four is a horror story and issue five is something a little more romantic and scientific but I’m going to keep that one under wraps."

Gillen respects Matt Fraction's long run with the character, and hopes to build on it while going in very different directions. He mentions in the interview everything from Lovecraft to tinkering to extravagant parties.

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