Looks like Marvel is wrapping up a week of November 2012 Marvel NOW! ongoing series relaunch teasers with a virtual flurry Friday morning. The latest is, with a gold "Legacy" teaser in the now familiar format, by the creative team of writer Simon Spurrier and artist Tan Eng Huat, almost certainly (or not) an X-Men Legacy relaunch.

 Spurrier is no stranger to the Marvel mutant-verse, with a one-shot that led to a mini-series featuring the "science team" of the marvelous mutants, the X-Club.

Update: Given that Spurrier is casting serious doubt on the matter on his Twitter — calling the prevailing speculation "splendidly wrong" — we're going to update our educated guess, and say that this might be a relaunch of another X-title ending in October: New Mutants. "Legacy" would certainly fit, and the yellow-gold color of the text brings to mind the team's classic uniforms.

X-Men Legacy or New Mutants, what do you say?

Huat has been all over the Marvel Universe, from out in space with the Annihilators to Heaven with Ghost Rider. With Rogue only appearing in Uncanny Avengers according to that book's writer, Rick Remender, we're not sure who will take the top billing for the new title just yet. joined the teaser party a few moments prior with a "Soldier" teaser by the creative team of Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.


Given the blue color scheme, this one seems likely to be Captain America. With a creative team like Remender writing and Romita Jr. illustrating, the Captain will likely be stepping into some high adventure once again.

Of course, Scott Summer's son Cable is also one heck of a soldier, with blue associations, and appeared on the original Marvel NOW! teaser image by Joe Quesada, and in the Marvel NOW! Point One teasers, but this week's teasers have all so far been focused on November relaunches of series ending in October, so Captain America remains highly likely.

And beating that by just minutes was USA Today, premiering not one, but two teasers Friday morning, though they only actually posted one of the images, with only a text description of the second. Their teasers are "Family" and "Extended."



"Family" is by the creative team of Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley, and most likely indicates the duo will be taking on Fantastic Four.

As for "Extended"? That's written by Fraction, too, with artist Mike Allred, who has only recently started doing more regular work for Marvel. If Fantastic Four is the Family, Extending it out likely means FF will be continuing after a Marvel NOW! relaunch, as well.

These four new series join the presumed Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Deadpool relaunches this fall. You can get the skinny on those creative teams with the links immediately below.

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