Mark Millar & Steve McNiven's NEMESIS Sequel Moves to Jan.


Originally solicited for September 2012, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's follow-up to their creator-owned series Nemesis is moving to January 2013, with the new title of Nemesis Returns.

In a press release from Marvel, the publisher states, "in order to help facilitate the timeliness of the Nemesis Returns, Steve has teamed up with two exciting new talents and opened a new studio endeavor, Carbon Sun Studios."

"Nemesis means a lot to me and I want it to be the best of my stuff out there," McNiven said in the release. "I want it done right, and we’ll make sure Nemesis gets his due."

Nemesis, from Marvel's creator-owned Icon imprint, was originally promoted in 2009 as ""What if Batman was the Joker?" In 2010, Days of Thunder director Tony Scott was reported as attached to an in-development Nemesis film; earlier this year Millar told CBR that Joe Carnahan, writer and director of The Grey, was preparing work on the movie.

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