Marvel NOW! Gets Indestructible With New HULK Team



Monday brought word of a familiar creative team, Kieron Gillen and Greg Land, taking over a new book as part of the Marvel NOW! staggered relaunch. With bold red letters that declare "Invincible," it seems they'll be suiting up with Tony Stark as the new Iron Man writer and artist.

Tuesday Marvel revealed here at Newsarama the creative team of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. The similar teaser gave a new buzz word: "Worthy." This one, plastered across the black background in bold metallic font suggests that whosoever holds this hammer, should he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. With mighty Mjolnir heavily implied, it seems Aaron and Ribic will be taking the power of the thunder god into their hands.


That brings us to Wednesday, and our friends at CBR with the latest Marvel NOW! teaser. This one uses a word a little less associated with the character it implies, however.

The creative team is Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu, the word is in bright gamma green, and it reads "Indestructible." Now, another "in" word, Incredible, is more closely associated with the strongest there is, Hulk, but it's a safe bet this is the team for his relaunch. Yu has a history with Hulk, drawing the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine comic written by LOST scribe Damon Lindelof, and more recently providing some covers for the last Incredible Hulk relaunch, a scant two years ago. If we're right, this will be Mark Waid's first time writing Hulk in any real ongoing fashion.

UPDATE 10:40am: And now it's been confirmed! As Graeme noted on Blog@, Mark Waid confirmed that their book is in fact Hulk on Twitter, saying "Thanks to all for the congrats on HULK, which Leinil Yu and I will take over in November! If you like DAREDEVIL, you'll like this! Promise!" That implies a more straight superheroic take on the green goliath, eschewing the book from its more psychological thriller ways of recent years.

More Marvel NOW! coming soon, with more teasers and more in-depth reveals on the way.

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