Marvel NOW! November Teaser 2: Who's 'WORTHY'?


Monday Marvel revealed the "Invincible" creative team of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land, with even money being a relaunched Iron Man in November, and Tuesday the publisher reveals exclusively to Newsarama the creative team of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic, on a title identified with the term "Worthy."


Now you could go a few ways interpreting "Worthy" around the Marvel Universe, but while Marvel is not confirming, we're going with the guy who's got the word written on his trusty hammer and needs to qualify as such to yield it - Thor, of course.

Aaron is writer of one of the several Marvel ongoing series concluding in October, Incredible Hulk, ending with just its 15th issue.

Ribic is a veteran of several Marvel series including Uncanny X-Force and The Ultimates, but assuming this new series is indeed Thor, interested fans can get a preview of his take on Marvel Asgardian mythology from the 2004 Loki limited series with writer Robert Rodi, or the below cover to Rodi's 2011 limited series Astonishing Thor.


Look for more information as it's available and most likely more new Marvel NOW! teasers throughout this week.

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