Marvel Cancels October's THANOS: SON OF TITAN #1


Newsarama has confirmed that October's Thanos: Son of Titan #1 has been canceled by Marvel. With no mention of a resolicitation, it appears the entire five-issue miniseries is canceled.

The following appeared in Thursday's "Marvel Mailer" update to retailers:

"*THANOS SON OF TITAN #1 (OF 5) & VAR (AUG120580-1, $2.99, FOC 09/24/12) has been cancelled."

The cancellation comes as a surprise as Thanos has been getting a notable multimedia push from Marvel; appearing in the mid-credits scene of the Avengers movie and the current arc of the Avengers Assemble comic book series. Thanos: Son of Titan, poised to tell the origin of the Marvel villain in a story by writer Joe Keatinge and artist Richard Elson, has received high-profile press, including a USA Today article on July 2 announcing the series.

The news was reported earlier today at Kaboooom. Representatives from Marvel declined further comment at this time.

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