Rick Remender Talks Marvel NOW!'s UNCANNY AVENGERS

In his first extensive interview on the subject, Rick Remender talked Uncanny Avengers in an article published Friday by Marvel.com. In the Q&A, Remender discussed the origin of the series, the individual team members and the structural similarities to Uncanny X-Force.

Remender disclosed that the team will be based out of Avengers Mansion, and called Havok — Alex Summers, brother to Cyclops — "the very best choice" for Uncanny Avengers team leader and a potential "Captain America for mutants," a move that's in part motivated by the fallout of Avengers vs. X-Men.

"He’s sunglasses and a pint of scotch and a convertible on the weekends and I think I’d like that rock and roll attitude that he’s got," Remender said of Havok. "He’s got a dry, sarcastic wit. He’s somebody who’s never been in the forefront in a big, huge public way of anything, not like his brother has, and he’s OK with that."

Havok, Scarlet Witch and Rogue will all be appearing primarily in Uncanny Avengers, meaning that Havok will be leaving the X-Factor cast. The solicitation for October's X-Factor #245 stated that the "team’s roster will be nearly halved."

Of Scarlet Witch, Remender told Marvel.com that she'll be connecting more with her mutant heritage than she has in the past, though the lingering effects of events like House of M will make it difficult for her to be as public about it as she'd like.

"She has to sit in the sidelines and sort of earn her redemption here — if that’s even possible," Remender said.

Remender said Rogue's will have ties to the Red Skull's building plot, which helps to bring her into the fold, though Thor doesn't approve of her presence. "He sees her as the exact opposite kind of mutant they need on this team."

Speaking of Thor, though a major theme of the book looks to be mutant/human relations, as an Asgardian, the God of Thunder might not quite grasp the concept.

"To him the argument between mutants and humans is akin to flies mewling and puking over the color of their wings," Remender said in the article. "So he sees this debate as just asinine. Humans or mutants, you’re all humans. You’re all just people on this planet."

As previously revealed, Red Skull is playing the role of initial primary antagonist in Uncanny Avengers, specifically a cloned duplicate with a consciousness straight out of World War II. He'll be joined by an army of augmented "S-Men," but he won't be the only villain in the series.

"Red Skull is long-term, but there are two other equally awesome villains that are also going to be popping up," Remender said. "I’m trying to do here what I did with Uncanny X-Force where you have four stories that are self-contained and can be read by themselves but also form a mega-arc when you put them together."

In the interview, Remender also discussed the work of series artist John Cassaday ("a pure storyteller and really dynamic"), the origin of the series a couple retreats ago (it was first discussed around three Marvel creative retreats ago), and the prospect of more members joining the team beyond the core six of Havok, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, Rogue and Scarlet Witch ("d two or three more characters coming in the second and third arc").

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