Valiant Teases a Dark Return for SHADOWMAN


Squint. Turn up the brightness on your computer. Now do you see it?

Emerging from the darkness, the next character to come into the new universe being created by Valiant Comics is Shadowman. With a nearly invisible teaser image and the words "Shadows Fall This November," Valiant isn't giving us much more to go on.

Will Shadowman show up in his own series? Will he be a guest star in another series, like Ninjak is in X-O Manowar?

The character originally showed up in X-O's series in the early nineties, and then worked closely with Archer & Armstrong. With this universe still starting out, this would be a significant inclusion, giving it a connecting point they haven't seen yet.

Much more on Shadowman's return is coming later this week. Newsarama faithful should look for the news right here in a couple of days. We promise not to hide it in the shadows.

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