SDCC 2012: Marvel: The All-Winners Squad - LIVE!


"All-Winners Squad" is a name that's been around Marvel Comics since the Golden Age, and it's now being used for a recently announced merchandising initiative celebrating some unsung Marvel characters. The panel is hosted by Morgan Spurlock — who directed the recent Comic-Con documentary — and takes place late Friday at Comic-Con International.

Here's Comic-Con's official description of the panel:

5:30-6:30 Marvel: The All-Winners Squad— Over the years Marvel has been known to assemble some of its greatest superheroes at SDCC. This year fans are invited to witness the introduction of an entirely new team (at least they think they are great) as they take to the stage for the first time ever. You won't believe your eyes (or ears) when you see this collection of awesomeness gather and share the inside scoop on what it's really like to be a Marvel Superhero. Who are these mysterious superheroes? Welcome them to the Marvel A-List with moderator Morgan Spurlock. Plus, there's always the promise of swag...but don't hold Marvel to that! Room 8

Our live coverage, direct from San Diego, is below:

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