Mystery Marvel October Titles, AvX Follow-ups Surface


Diamond may have helped leak some information Marvel Comics may have been planning to reveal sometime during the course of this Comic-Con weekend. 

Information has begun to surface online about a series of Marvel titles being offered for sale in October that did not appear in Marvel’s October solicitations released earlier this past Tuesday.

Newsarama has been able to confirm with comic book retailers these titles do in fact appear on October order forms available online to retailers by Diamond.

The titles are:

Marvel Now Point One #1 (a seeming a fit for Marvel's teaser from earlier this week seen to the right).

AvX Consequences #1 (of 5), a 5-issue series all going on sale in October.

A Plus X #1, a presumed one-shot.

A-Babies Vs X-Babies #1, another presumed one-shot.

Minimum Carnage Alpha #1, which is listed on the online order form along with the October issues of the Scarlet Spider and Venom ongoing series.

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1 (of 4) (Update: Well, this one is legit).

Newsarama could not immediately reach Marvel for comment to verify if these titles will indeed be on sale in October.

Look for more information if and when it becomes available.

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