Comings & Goings on FF & DD Marvel Movie Reboots

Cover Convention: FANTASTIC FOUR reports that Chronicle director Josh Trank is officially on board to helm Fox’s Fantastic Four big screen reboot. The film will reportedly feature a new cast betting a reboot and will be the next Marvel project at Fox to be put production, after Wolverine, which begins production shortly.

Trank as reportedly been offered and attachment himself  to several projects, but Fox expects the Fantastic Four to be the next film he directs.

On the flipside, David Slade has dropped out of Fox’s reboot of Daredevil, according to Deadline.

The online Hollywood trade says the studio has a script it likes, and it has to find a director to get the film into production by fall or risk losing the property back to Marvel/Disney, an prospect probably not unattractive to its owners.

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