JUSTICE LEAGUE Pre-Movie Push Begins in ARKHAM CITY Prequel

Rocksteady Studios is developing a new Batman video game for 2014, Variety reports, one that would take place before Arkham City and Arkham Asylum and also feature members of the Justice League. This is just one of the series of projects that Warner Bros. is developing reportedly in a coordinated branding effort to maximize the Justice League intellectual property and whet audience appetites for an eventual Justice League film.

Varity ties the game it to one of several recent projects — citing efforts including last year's New 52 relaunch; CW's fall-debuting Arrow TV series and the Lego: The Piece of Resistance movie, featuring animated Batman and Superman. The Hollywood trade also cites the projects as efforts to prepare the market for what's next in a world with no more Christopher Nolan Batman movies. Variety calls it Time Warner's "mandate to monetize its stable of iconic superheroes."

In addition to a Justice League movie, which Warner hopes will be ready for 2015 (a script by Will Beall is in the "polish" stage), Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are writing The Flash, and Michael Goldenberg has been hired to write Wonder Woman. All three worked on 2011's Green Lantern film.

Though WB execs declined to comment on the article, Variety reports that the studio plans to reveal their upcoming film plans for DC's characters within the next several months.

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