ARCHIE Meets GLEE in Next Guest-Starring Crossover


Archie has a long history with music, from their own Josie and the Pussycats to to guest aperances from rockers like KISS. Now the seminal teen series will have perhaps its most natural musical crossover, sliding the kids from Fox's Glee into the pages of the main Archie title.

A four-issue story arc, the tale will be written by Glee writer and producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also has close ties to comics. After writing a handful of tales for Marvel Comics, Aguirre-Sacasa, a noted playwright, did the rewrite of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark for Broadway. Dan Parent will illustrate.

"I've been wanting to write something for Archie Comics forever and my favorite Archie stories have always been those weird crossovers like 'Archie meets the Punisher,' and 'Archie meets KISS,'” said Aguirre-Sacasa in a press release. “I thought, Archie meets GLEE would be a great crossover since they're both set in high schools, they're both optimistic, they both involve singing... My boss Ryan [Murphy, co-creator of Glee] loved the idea and that started the process."

The story features Dilton of the Archie gang discovering a parallel universe (yeah, Archie's a sci-fi book, didn't you know?) that bears some striking similarities to the life they lead in Riverdale.

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