Marvel Teases SPIDER-MAN Comic-Con 2012 Announcement


Not all Marvel Teasers are created equal. To tease a new Spider-Man... event? Storyline? they didn't use a provocative image, or some mosaic you can't quite make out. Nope, this time they just used the words: "Minimum Carnage."

Of course, when you're invoking a much-beloved story from the nineties like Maximum Carnage, those two words may be all you need. Back in 1993, the Spider-Man line crossed over for fourteen issues, pitting Venom and Spider-Man, along with a large cast of guest stars like Black Cat, Captain America, and Iron Fist, against Carnage, Shriek, and several other nearly-forgotten Spidey villains. To say the story was well-received is a big understatement: the story inspired a video game of the same name only a year later on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo. Most comic-loving children of the nineties know that Green Jello (changed to Jelly thanks to a lawsuit) soundtrack by heart.


So what will Minimum Carnage be? A story featuring chibi versions of symbiote villains? A team-up of Spidey and the new Venom against Carnage in 1/14th of a comic book?

Based on this teaser image first released by Marvel at April's C2E2 convention in Chicago, it certainly appears that Minimum Carnage is a team-up of sort between Venom and Scarlet Spider, against, you guessed it, Carnage.

A definitive answer will come Sunday July 15, 2012, 12:30pm PDT at Comic-Con International: San Diego — and we'll be there, covering the panel (and many others throughout the show) live.

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