Winick Leaves CATWOMAN to Write/Draw All-Ages Graphic Novel

Writer Judd Winick will leave behind the heated discussion about his run on the "sexy" series Catwoman to take a markedly different approach to his next comic.

He's writing and drawing a new, original graphic novel for children.

Catwoman #12

Winick leaves Catwoman after his 12th issue on the title, which he rebooted last year as part of DC's "New 52" initiative. DC announced today that Ann Nocenti will be writing Catwoman beginning in September, which means the released solicitations for Catwoman #0 are changed, having originally listed Winick as the scribe. No artist has been named for the new direction on the series.

Winick will continue to write DC's Batwing comic, which features a Batman-related hero working in his home continent of Africa. Winick also confirmed to Newsarama that he will likely work on other DC titles that are yet to be announced.

"People can keep looking for me in Batwing, and they can probably look for me in some other upcoming DC monthlies," Winick told Newsarama. "As for the other things I'm working on, I'm doing my own original graphic novel, for a to-be-announced publisher.

"I'm writing and drawing an original graphic novel for kids," he revealed.

Winick wasn't able to give any details about the new kid-targeted graphic novel, but he said it feels great to get back to drawing, which should delight fans of his cartoon work on the acclaimed series The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius.

"You know, I almost forgot I was a cartoonist, and it's been fantastic to get back to it," he said. "It's going really well and I'm looking forward to getting it out there for people to see."

Although he's best known to superhero comic fans for his edgy work on Batman and his hard-hitting yet humorous take on the bi-weekly Justice League: Generation Lost, Winick is no stranger to writing for kids. He created the children's animated series The Life and Time of Juniper Lee, which ran on Cartoon Network for three seasons in 2005 through 2007. He was also once an aspiring syndicated cartoonist, before he turned toward creating comic books.

His run on Catwoman was targeted by some readers for being too focused on Selina Kyle's "sexiness," particularly when the lead character was shown in a sexual relationship with Bruce Wayne. However, Winick told Newsarama earlier this year that it was DC's direction to make the book sexy.

"DC is encouraging us to do that in this book," the writer <a href=>said earlier this year in an exclusive interview with Newsarama</a>. "Like I said, there are limits, but everyone has been trying to really push these comics into directions we haven't seen before, and take some risks."

And Winick's departure doesn't necessarily mean the sexiness will be going away. Nocenti told Newsarama that she intends to continue showing Catwoman using her sexuality.

Winick said he originally formulated his run on Catwoman as a 12-issue run, and he does intend to wrap up his story in August's issue #12.

"It's been a great 12 issues, which in all honesty, was the number I set out to do," he said. "I'm very proud of them, and I think they read great, and there's an arc to it, from where Selina starts to where she ends, and with her relationship with Batman and her relationship to her supporting cast. It's been really, really great — and yes at times controversial and loud — run. But I hope people have dug it, because I really have."

Winick's run on the series will finish with a story that puts Selina Kyle through what he said is "a big, fight-filled, emotional arc."

"As of the last issue, readers have met Dollhouse and learned what a frightening and messed up villain Dollhouse is, one who is, in essence, collecting street kids and taxidermying them and putting them up in Dollhouse's actual dollhouse," he said. "And this has struck a chord with Selina, because there's no heist involved in trying to save these kids. There's no up-side for her. And it's already getting messy.

"She's running around with this other thief, Spark, and things have become a little entangled there, romantically, which is interesting," he said. "And she's got Detective Alvarez in the mix, and that will become more interesting. And it's all going to come to head: Spark, Detective Alvarez, Selina, Dollhouse. We're jumping forward to a big wallop at the end."

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