First Marvel NOW! Cover Revealed: UNCANNY AVENGERS #1


The first cover of the "Marvel NOW!" era has been revealed, and it's October's Uncanny Avengers #1, illustrated by series artist John Cassaday.

Entertainment Weekly released the cover on Thursday, and it features mainstay Avengers Captain America, Thor and (returning to an active team role for the first time since "Avengers Disassembled") Scarlet Witch, standing side-by-side with X-Men Wolverine (himself a long-time Avenger at this point), Rogue and Havok, who will be team leader.

Uncanny Avengers is billed by Marvel as the "bridge book" of the new initiative, both dealing directly with the fallout of Avengers vs. X-Men and shaping the new landscape of the Marvel Universe, as well as a blended team roster featuring both Avengers and X-Men characters. The villain of the first arc has been reported as the Red Skull — specifically his awakened consciousness from World War II, looking to eradicate the mutant race.

In the EW article, Uncanny Avengers writer Rick Remender describes Rogue as the "Wolverine of the team, calls Scarlet Witch's role a "redemption arc," and states that Havok will be taking a major step up.

"He is put in a very difficult situation," Remender said. "Havok's always been the black sheep rock-and-roller of the Summers family. He can't do that anymore. You're going to see Havok become one of the biggest players in the Marvel Universe."

Uncanny Avengers is scheduled out on Oct. 10, with participating stores holding advance release event on Oct. 9, much like Marvel's promotional campaign for Avengers vs. X-Men #1 this past April.

"There are characters who are huge characters, who have been around for decades, and are beloved, that you really haven't seen interact in a meaningful way with one another," Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort told Newsarama of Uncanny Avengers. "This is a place where a lot of that will get to play out. There are not a lot of stories where Captain America and Havok interact in a meaningful way. So Uncanny Avengers will be a place where that sort of thing can happen."

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