BUY SEX at Comic-Con, Says Image Comics in Teaser


Image released a teaser today that simply had the subject "July 14. 2PM. Room 25ABC." We know from the already-released Comic-Con International: San Diego schedule that the header refers to their "Image Comics Experience" panel.

2:00-3:00 Image Comics Experience— Join publisher Eric Stephenson and a panel of surprise guests an exclusive look at what's coming up for Image in 2013! An absolutely don't miss event for anyone wanting to be among the first to hear some of the biggest comics announcements of the year! Room 25ABC

But that panel text doesn't really give us a very good idea of what this image means. Is this a book about prostitution? Does it have something to do with the cracked, nearly on-fire look of the letters? We won't know until the panel, but we'll be there live to let you know just what Image means when they tell you to buy sex.

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