UPDATE 2: Marvel Comments on EW Image/ Article Details


Update, 7/3, 9:45am: Reached for comment Tuesday morning, a spokesperson for the publisher responded to inquiries about the veracity of the scanned EW image and reputed article this way:  "Check out this weeks EW for more details."

Adding: "And clarify that the Joe Q image isn't the cover of any team book as it's reported."

It appears the image and article details are legitimate. Stay tuned.

Update, 7/3: Further details from Entertainment Weekly's promised article on the post-Avengers vs. X-Men Marvel Universe may have leaked online late Monday night, including a reputed scan of the full version of the Joe Quesada piece featuring Jean Grey in her original costume.

The image, which appears to have originated on Tumblr, surfaced Monday on message boards including CBR's Marvel Comics forum, and shows what appears to be new costumes for characters including Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Cyclops, along with a prominent place for Guardians of the Galaxy team member Rocket Raccoon and what appears to be a floating helmet.

A CBR post claims the article accompanying the image reveals three new series: Uncanny Avengers, written by Rick Remender and starring Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Rogue and Havok; a biweekly Avengers written by Jonathan Hickman and with more than 18 members on the team; and X-Men written by Brian Michael Bendis, with the five original X-Men traveling to the present-day Marvel Universe, which, if accurate, could explain EW's cryptic story on Jean Grey and the cropped image (below).

The issue is scheduled to hit newsstands on Tuesday, July 3. Marvel could not be reached for comment or confirmation of the veracity of the full image and information early Tuesday morning. Keep reading Newsarama for more developments.


Original story: Is Jean Grey finally back to life? That's certainly the suggestion of this piece from Entertainment Weekly, which states that the character, dead since 2003's New X-Men #150, will have a "presence" in the Marvel Universe following Avengers vs. X-Men, which wraps in September.

The article is accompanied by an image illustrated by Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada, depicting Jean Grey in her classic Silver Age "Marvel Girl" outfit (feel free to speculate on who's standing behind her, too). EW further clarifies that this isn't an "imaginary" incident or happening in the Ultimate Universe and, in a surprisingly obscure reference for a mainstream publication, that Jean Grey won't be a hologram a la Bishop's sister Shard in '90s X-Factor.

EW characterizes the Jean Grey news as part of "an upcoming initiative by Marvel Comics that will build off the current Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and radically alter the Marvel universe as you know it," which has been expected and hinted at for some time now. Much more information looks to breaking tomorrow; keep reading Newsarama for the latest.

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