What Do YOU Think? Should Marvel REBOOT After AvX?


In anticipation of what we assume will be a Comic-Con announcement of Marvel Comics’ post-Avengers vs. X-Men plans, over the last couple of days we’ve been examining what works and what doesn’t work so much about the current Marvel Universe.

Now Marvel seems to have indicated over the last few months that their fall “ReEvolution”(?) probably won’t involve a DC New 52-like full-on “reboot”, it has been established that the Marvel Universe will be "changed" to an unknown extent. There is always some ambiguous play between and “hard” and “soft” reboot, and maybe the more interesting question isn’t will they or won’t they … but should they or shouldn’t they?

So we want to know what you — Marvel’s most loyal, passionate, and knowledgeable fans — think and want. We want to hear your good, solidly reasoned arguments as to why the publisher should or should not reboot their 50-year-old Marvel Universe.

We’re going to start by soliciting opinions from those fans who think they should reboot in a New 52-like style after Avengers vs. X-Men. Please hold your "Marvel should NOT reboot" responses for another day. We'll ask for those separately another time.

Email your responses here – whymarvelshouldreboot@newsarama.com and we may just use your argument in an upcoming Newsarama Countdown.


Entries intended for publication should be no more than 200 words and each entry should focus one specific reason. If you have a few reasons you’d like to submit, please submit each separately.

Please include whatever name/ID you’d like to appear with your entry if selected for publication. We will not post your email address.

So, tell us what you think. We’re eager to here what you have to say, and your fellow fans probably are too.

Click here to submit your no-greater than 200 words reason Why Marvel Comics SHOULD Reboot the Marvel Universe.

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