'This Is WAR!' Teasers Revealed: PUNISHER WAR ZONE in Oct.


Update 6 - June 29: The time for speculation is over, as the "This is War" teasers have been revealed by Marvel as promotion for a new Punisher War Zone series, as the guns and bullet holes seemed to indicate. Most likely, full details — including creative team and why he's so angry at Earth's Mightiest Heroes — will have to wait two weeks until Comic-Con.




Update 5 - June 29: The sixth — and possibly final? — "This is War" teaser arrived on Marvel.com Friday, depicting Black Widow in the sights of an unknown assailant. So, definitely all Avengers characters being targeted, and all ones who have recently appeared in major movies — for whatever that may be worth.

Update 4 - June 28: Spider-Man joins the fray — whatever this is will be announced at the Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con, after all — and he's got some heavy artillery pointed at him, to match with Iron Man's bullet holes from Wednesday.

Update 3 - June 27: Iron Man joins the fray. Okay, now it's definitely Avengers-related, but are those bullet holes?

Hmmmm. Time to switch gears on those guesses?




Update 2 - June 26: Looks like we have a teaser week on our hands. Captain America joins the war and the images suggests things many get bloody. Does this give us a clue as to who this war with who now appears to be the Avengers is with? 

Update: Courtesy of Marvel.com, here's one more "This is War" image, this time focused on Wolverine. Does that make things clearer? Less clear? The same? Let us know your guesses on Facebook.

Original story: Marvel started their first round of pre-Comic-Con hype Monday morning with a teaser stating "This is War," and depicting some clear damage to Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir. The project looks to be starting in October, which is Marvel's first post-Avengers vs. X-Men month.

Who is the God of Thunder going to war with? Feel free to examine this teaser to see what you might be able to figure out before the answers arrive on Sunday, July 15 at Comic-Con International in San Diego, during Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man panel at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time — and we'll be there, covering it live.

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