(Wizarding) School's Out Till Summer

Harry Potter Game Delayed

Last month, the next Harry Potter movie was delayed until next summer, presumably to stave off the massive year to year loss in revenue predicted after this year’s The Dark Knight. This month, a new trailer was released for the game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, giving some hope to muggles wanting to dive into the next chapter of the wizarding saga sooner than later.

Well, consider hope officially dashed. In a move surprising to few, EA Games officially announced today that the game’s release is also being delayed, to premier alongside the film in Summer 2009. As the game is officially based off the movie version of the story and not the book, it would have revealed how the movie tells the three-year-old book’s tale. Representatives from EA and Warner Bros. assure anxious fans the game will be worth the wait.

From the Press Release: “The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince game will be an excellent interactive extension of the film and all of the new action that comes with it,” said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “EA is creating the Harry Potter video games that fans will love, and this game will deliver new gameplay elements and the magic players are looking forward to.”

Until then, check out the new trailer right here at Newsarama, and drool over the game you won’t be able to play for another ten months.


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