The Bendis Tapes, Back to School Edition - Part 4

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast we wrap up this marathon edition of the Back to School Edition of The Bendis Tapes. Among the topics discussed, Brian Michael Bendis reveals a tempting project offer earlier this year from Virgin Comics. This was well before the company's current financial re-organizing plans, announced at the end of August.

Says Benids: "I feel weird about Virgin's (current situation), because not even two months ago, I got a pretty spectacular offer from them to co-own and work on the Stan Lee Universe there...I met with Stan. They had come up with a scenario that I may have been able to dance around my Marvel was a serious enough offer to think about...and I'm still the kind of guy who's amazed that Stan even knows my name ...I had a very cool meeting with the 'serious Stan,' as opposed to the 'public Stan"... in the end I couldn't make it work ...but it was quite amazing... and this is the type of thing that will haunt me forever that I didn't do it.

"I usually wouldn't tell a story like this.... but i feel like we're all comic books fans, and this would be of interest... if i take anything away from this...after creating the Marvel Universe in the 1940's and that many years later, the guy is still in it. Stan isn't done."

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