E3 2012: Where We'll Be, What's Next for Video Games

E3 2011: What is in Video Games Future?

E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Once a year, tens of thousands of journalists, retailers, and video game makers descend upon Los Angeles, CA and watch, play, and talk about the games to come over the next several months or even years. From the hardware moguls like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to software giants like Activision and EA, everyone brings their "A" game in hopes of securing the precious dollars of gamers all over the world.


Newsarama will attend once again from June 4-7, 2012, bringing you all the latest news, previews, and interviews direct from the people who make the games you love (and will love) to play. It all starts Monday June 4 at 9am PDT. That's when Microsoft kicks off E3 2012 with the first press conference of the show, and it promises to be a doozy.

In previous years, we've seen Cirque du Soliel introduce the Kinect motion control, had a family on a couch fly above us, and seen presentations-within-the-presentation from EA, Activision, BioWare, and many more. This year we know we'll see some big Halo 4 (the first title without creators Bungie) news, plenty more from the Kinect juggernaut, and certainly a surprise or two. We'll be liveblogging the conference at this link (bookmark it now!) so you can follow along with all the news.


Later on Monday, we'll have Electronic Arts, the publisher behind Madden, Mass Effect, Battlefield, and so much more, taking the stage for their own standalone conference. While there will be some overlap with Microsoft's earlier (and Sony's later) presentations, this one still can't be missed as EA lays out their publishing schedule for the next year, revealing new features, trailers, and maybe even some all-out new games. We know Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Crysis will be getting updates at the conference… and probably some non-first person shooters too. Follow our coverage of EA's press conference at this link 1pm PDT Monday June 4!


Ubisoft is next at 3pm. Assassin's Creed III, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed III, hopefully some Avengers news, and Assassin's Creed III are definitely the games to watch from Ubi this year. Did we mention we're excited for some Assassin's Creed III previewing? Because we are. Ubisoft is known for their flashy trailers, crazy presentations, and special celebrity guests at E3, and hopefully this year's will be more funny and a little less annoying than last year. Also, Assassin's Creed III. You can find the Ubisoft liveblog by bookmarking this link.

Monday's coverage wraps up with Sony's big PlayStation conference at 6pm PDT. We know next to nothing about what Sony's bringing to the show, but expect lots of 3D, Vita, and exclusive games like Last of Us, God Of War: Ascension, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at their show. The big rumor is that they'll be announcing some cloud gaming features for the PlayStation 3, allowing players to stream full-size games without needing to store them on their hard drive (or have cumbersome discs and boxes - how passé!), but those are just rumors at this point. We might get a small tease of the PlayStation 4 as well, but Sony has vehemently denied the next-gen's involvement at this point. Find out what's next for Sony by visiting this page at 6pm PDT on June 4, 2012.


Monday will end, Tuesday will begin, and Nintendo will wrap-up the press conference madness at 9am PDT June 5, 2012. The big draw for Nintendo will of course be the Wii U, their new high definition (say it with us - FINALLY) home console premiering this Fall. The 3DS portable system will get some love, and we'll bee eagerly awaiting news of the next games featuring Nintendo stalwarts like Mario, Samus, and Link. Follow along here for Nintendo's news as it hits!

But that won't be the end of our E3 2012 coverage by a long shot. Tuesday we'll have the latest from Activision, featuring Amazing Spider-Man and Transformers. Wednesday expect hands-on and behind-closed doors from EA, LucasArts and more. As the week rolls on you can expect Newsarama's take on all the big upcoming titles from RPGs to shooters to sports and of course plenty of superhero action (it's our bread and butter after all!).

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