AvX Post Game Report, Week 9: Captain Marvel Resurrected

***If you're avoiding Secret Avengers #27 spoilers, this isn't the article for you, friend.***


Memorial Day weekend is nearly here, but before you retreat to your busy BBQ schedule, check out the latest edition of Newsarama's AvX Post Game Report. Only one Avengers vs. X-Men-related title was released this past week — Secret Avengers #27 by writer Rick Remender and artist Renato Guedes — so let's take a closer look.


For this week's question, we once again turn to Marvel executive editor and senior vice president of publishing, Tom Brevoort, to gain some insight on Captain Marvel, who, to paraphrase Death of a Salesman, appears to be worth more dead than alive.

Newsarama: Tom, Captain Mar-Vell has had multiple fake-out, near-returns over the years, from "The Return" during Civil War to a brief resurrection during Chaos War. How much did that influence the way the current Secret Avengers story was structured? Was there any reluctance in using him again here, or was it simply the right choice for the story? It seems to lend a level of meta-subtext, with several of the characters skeptical that he's the real deal. And what do you think it says of Mar-Vell's strengths as a character that he remains to be a point of interest to both creators and readers even though he's now been dead twice as long as he was alive?


Tom Brevoort: I don't know that the previous almost-returns of Mar-Vell especially influenced Rick's handling of him here, apart from the fact that they all stem from the same place: an interest in the character and his place in Marvel history. Captain Marvel was the last of the first-generation Marvel characters, his history goes all the way back to the 1960s, and the story in which he dies remains affecting and emotional even after 30 years.

He's also a character that, quite frankly, is better remembered for his death than his life — when he was alive and around, he tended to be a bit, well, boring. But placed into a context like this one, forcibly resurrected by the Phoenix and pitted against his former colleagues, he plays a specific part that plays upon his iconic status in a way that would be difficult to achieve with any other character.


Secret Avengers #27: More action in space with the away team, and, yes, Captain Marvel is back. Though the details are still vague and Thor, Beast and Vision are all skeptical that it's really him, it appears that he just might be the real Kree deal. That would seem like a good thing for the Avengers, but it's definitely not in this instance, as he's siding with his native race and doing what he can to keep Earth's Mightiest Heroes from interfering with what the Kree have planned for the Phoenix, along with The Protector and Ms. Marvel. Also, War Machine recovers from his painful Phoenix encounter — albeit imprisoned by the Kree along with Valkyrie and Captain Britain — and a tearful Carol Danvers kisses Mar-Vell. So, lots of stuff going on.

Worth noting:


- Thanos is on the first page of Secret Avengers #27, proving that he is nearing Kardashian-esque levels of ubiquity.

- Did you see the first part of our interview with Brian Michael Bendis, covering Avengers vs. X-Men and other topics? It's here!

- Kieron Gillen's Sexy Namor is getting a lot of attention during AvX, but what about Rick Remender's Badass Thor? "Seeing his proud face distorted in this way raises such a fury in my soul — I will smash his features from your skull."

- Mar-Vell tells Ms. Marvel that his cancer is still present, though currently inert due to the Phoenix, which suggests that this might be another temporary resurrection. (Since we already know Carol Danvers is the new Captain Marvel as of July, not super-suprising.)



A pair of Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in books are out on May 30, both from the X-Men camp: Wolverine & The X-Men #11 (preview here), featuring the return of artist Nick Bradshaw to the book; and X-Men Legacy #267 (preview here), with Iron Man joining the fight at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.


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