DC's Gay Character: Male, Hasn't Been Seen Post-Relaunch

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This past weekend at the Kapow convention in London, DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio announced that an existing character previously established as straight would be revealed to be gay in an upcoming storyline. Though there's no still word on exactly which character he was talking about, the resulting media coverage has revealed some clues to help narrow down the list.

In a piece from ABC News, DC's senior vice president of publicity Courtney Simmons stated that it's a male character, being quoted as saying, "One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June." On Twitter, Scott Snyder, writer of DC's Batman and Swamp Thing, shot down rumors that Batman may be outed by tweeting, "the announcement was 'a character not seen since the relaunch will come out as gay.'"


DC's publicity blog The Source covered the news without making any reference to sexual orientation, writing, "there will be a big, upcoming twist for a key DCE character coming soon." DC currently has several LGBT characters in their comics, including Batwoman star Kate Kane, Stormwatch's Apollo and Midnighter and Teen Titans co-star Bunker.

If all these indicators prove to be accurate, DC will be revealing that a male character who is both "iconic" and "key," but hasn't yet been seen since last September's New 52 relaunch, is gay — so adjust your guesses accordingly. Though most of the true "icons" of DC's roster have already been introduced in The New 52, it could potentially be a different version of an iconic character; like former Flash Wally West, or original Green Lantern Alan Scott, who is starring in Earth 2 but hasn't been seen in the "main" New 52 Earth.

Another male character that hasn't been seen yet in The New 52 — aside from a one-panel cameo in the company's Free Comic Book Day release earlier this month — is Vibe someone that Justice League writer and DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns hinted he had plans for in a recent interview with USA Today. "I can't remember the last time someone requested to see him," Johns said. "That's the whole point, though, I like new challenges." While Vibe may not fit conventional standards of "iconic," exactly how DC's marketing department defines a "major iconic character" isn't necessarily clear at this point.

Though there's no exact word yet on when DC will reveal more information on this subject, The Source post advised readers to "stay tuned for more news on this front in the very near future."

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