STAR WARS Retakes Her Universe Focus with New Products


Her Universe, the geek chic line by women for women, has had quite a bit of good news in the last year. Expanding the line into Syfy's programs like Battlestar Galactica and moving into more jewelry and accesories, Her Universe established itself as the geek girl source for apparel. Then, on May 4, 2012 the company moved into retail, beginning to sell products at Hot Topic stores.

Now on, Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) goes back to basics with all-new Star Wars products, available there for the first time today, May 21, 2012. There are new charms for the Star Wars Charm Bracelet, featuring Boba Fett's symbol and the Japor Snippet from Episode 1. There are new products for geek girls from ages 0 to 100, as well, like the "Jedi in Training" shirts designed by Katie Cook and the "Sith" tank for those with a darker side. Of course, if you want an easy cosplay option, you can pick up the new Ahsoka (Eckstein's own character on Clone Wars) Costume Tunic or the Princess Leia hoodie complete with classic buns.

All of the new product can be found on the feature page at

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