As Fringe finished up its fourth season Friday, fans of the science fiction show watched with the knowledge that there's only one year left for the series to conclude its many story threads.

On April 26th, Fox announced that Fringe, which has a loyal fan base but borderline ratings, is being renewed for the 2012-2013 season. But that will be its last.

Writers are now tasked with finishing up the entire series, which has focused on the struggle between two "alternate" universes through the eyes of a "Fringe" division of the FBI.

Now that the season finale made it clear what's resolved — and what's still unsolved — Newsarama compiled our list of what we most want to see in Fringe's final season.

September's Story: Best described as an "Observer with a heart," the character known as "September" has been an endearing presence on Fringe ever since he broke the rules and pulled young Peter Bishop out of the ice and back to the land of the living. We've since seen plenty of him, but there's obviously a lot more to know.


One of Season Four's most intriguing reveals was when Peter Bishop discovered an address where September keeps his Observer equipment, including his "pod" that acts as his beacon to the Earth.

In Friday's season finale, September was shot — something we knew was coming eventually. We're hoping the final season reveals more about him, why he's so different from the other Observers, and how his actions tie into the events predicted by "Letters of Transit." And although he may very well die from that gunshot, we hope his possible death is eventually a meaningful one.

Henrietta The Baby: Fringe may be a sci-fi cop show, but much of the last two seasons has focused on the growing love relationship between Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham.

And what's made it even more intriguing is Peter was able to show his love to two alternate versions of Olivia. And for awhile, he even had a kid with one of them, although that's obviously been "erased" from the timeline. (Isn't time travel fun?)

At the end of Friday night's finale, we found out Peter and the correct Olivia are now going to have a baby together. If the future shown in this season's "Letters of Transit" is accurate, the baby will be a girl named Henrietta. And by the end of the final season, we hope we get to see her as a healthy, brilliant, Cortexiphan-laced little Fringette.

Nimoy's Bellie: Leonard Nimoy as a scientific genius was brilliant casting, and we're betting we haven't seen the last of him, despite his disappearing act at the end of the season finale. The fact that he wasn't killed means he's probably going to show up again next season.


The future we saw in "Letters of Transit" indicated Walter still hasn't forgiven William Bell for "going bad" for awhile. Walter even cut off Bell's hand, and there's always a possibility we'll see that hand again in the final season.

But we're hoping Bell himself shows up and works for the good guys this time... which would be logical, now that the Observers won't let humans live long and prosper.

Future Fringe Return: In past episodes of Fringe, Fringe team members have traveled or sent word from the future to the past. Peter Bishop even traveled back in time to place machine parts so his timeline could be eliminated.

So we're hoping that happens again somehow. We're betting that we get to see the Fringe members from the future (in this season's "Letters of Transit") show up again and affect their past. Maybe even save the world from badass Observers?


Walternate and Walter: When the two "sides" of the Fringe Division had to close up the bridge between their alternate worlds, there was a scene where Walter and Walternate had a heart-to-heart about their shared son, Peter. It was one of our favorite scenes in the whole show's history. We're hoping there are more of these scenes in Season Five, because two heads are better than one, even if one of them did have a little bit of his brain removed.

Of course, if Walternate and Walter are going to see each other again, we need an...

Alternate Reunion: Not only do we want to see what happened to the alternate universe when the bridge was eliminated (was it still healing?), but we want to see all the Fringe folks get together for one last hurrah — whether it's a multi-episode joint battle against the Observers or just a one-and-done update. We grew to like those "other" versions of our favorite characters, especially math-minded Astrid and...


Lincoln and Fauxlivia: A happy ending for bespeckled Lincoln and the redheaded alternate Olivia? Yes, please.

Admit it. You want to see them happily ride off into the sunset on a dirigible before Fringe is over.

Explanation of Timelines?: We'll probably never get this in a definitive spreadsheet or flow chart, but it would be nice to be given at least a brief explanation of how all these different "possible" timelines were eliminated, prevented, erased.... or whatever happened. September may have told Peter how he "never existed" and was brought back by love. But there are still a few gray areas that would be nice to understand a little better. We hope the Fifth Season at least makes some of it more clear.

Observers Gone Wild: One of the creepiest — yet somehow also the coolest — components of the Fringe mythology is the presence of "Observers," mysterious hairless men in hats and suits who are present at the most meaningful moments in history. According to the show's past revelations, these visitors are from the future, having made the Earth uninhabitable by 2609 and instead existing by unobtrusively "observing" the past.

During one of this season's episodes, "Letters of Transit," viewers were given a peek into the future of Fringe that looks like it's already starting to come true. And in that future, the Observers had gotten sick of just standing around and watching. They'd taken over the Earth. While Fringe has revealed and prevented the "possible future" before, this one hasn't been prevented yet. So we've got to assume it's still in the cards for Season Five.

The promise we saw in Friday's season finale that "they're coming" didn't explain exactly who's coming, but here's our guess: Bad-ass Observers are on the way.

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