Adam WarRock Visits NEO TOKYO in New Anime-Inspired EP

Sometimes, you just have to stick with the classics.

That's what nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock has done with his latest EP, Neo Tokyo. Harkening back to the classic anime film Akira, WarRock's 7-song journey to Neo Tokyo follows-up other themed EPs that focused on Firefly, Parks and Recreation, and Mass Effect. The rapper is selling the new album directly to fans on his website for $5 in the digital format of their choice.

You Dare Call That Thing Human? was WarRock's latest full-length album, released in February 2012 [Click here for our review and the single "616"!], and featured songs centered around comic books like Marvel's main universe inspired "616" and "Booster Gold," a track where the rapper comes back in time to rock the mic and become a famous superhero.

Releasing a new theme EP so soon after his last full-length album may seem like a strange move to some, but WarRock told Newsarama it just had to be done.

"Mostly, it was talking to DicepticoN, and him sending me a bunch of beats. His beats were so different from anything I'd ever done before, I wanted to do something special with them. An EP seemed the way to go," said the rapper when asked why he went back to this style of album. After hitting a sitcom, a cult classic tv show, a popular video game franchise and now a classic anime, we asked Adam what other themes he'd like to do.

"I'd like to do something with the Internet itself as a subject, memes, sites, bloggers, things like that. But mostly, it'll probably be whatever I'm reading, playing or watching at any given moment." WarRock explained that these things usually just kind of happen for him, though, saying, "Sometimes ideas hit me very quickly, with no prior planning. No telling what'll come up."

As for what is planned in the immediate future, WarRock teased a reteam with collaborator Mikal kHill from ThoughtCriminals. The duo are working on a Fall 2012 follow-up to the previously mentioned Firefly themed album The Browncoats Mixtape. This time, however, they're going for a little more magic in their music.

"It's called the Slytherin House Mixtape, and well, the teaser is up at" After that? "After that, hopefully get back on the road and figure out the next thing."

You can listen to Neo Tokyo in full for free here before buying, and play the first single with its anime-infused video, "...Is About to Explode" in the embedded player above. The album features production by DicepticoN and a guest spot by Chris Haley, artist of the webcomic Let's be Friends Again. Kevin Church designed the album cover.

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