Marvel Teases THE FIRST X-MEN For August 2012

Marvel is back at the teaser game ahead of August 2012 solicitations, with a bit of an eXtreme eXample of what a teaser can be. You see, this is just three words "The First X-Men," teasing a new series coming in August. No image, no creative team hints, and even the official text from Marvel (below) doesn't offer up much more, aside from the fact that the reveal will come next Monday evening.

So, what will this series entail? Well, historically the first X-Men are Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, and Angel, but chances are this isn't quite that simple. After all, those five and their origin has been told and retold several times, including in the recent X-Men: Season One.

The only hint available at this point is that Marvel's email to the press about a 5 p.m. conference call this coming Monday — the same time The First X-Men is set to be revealed — said that both "an industry legend and fan favorite creator" would be on the line. Betwen X-Men and "industry legend," we're going to go ahead and guess that this possibly could mean a return to Marvel from long-time writer Chris Claremont.

Tune in right here Monday for the answers, and until then speculate away!

The First X-Men

Coming this August.

Find out more this Monday @ 5PM EST.

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