DC Comics Releases JIM LEE 4-Page Trinity War FCBD Teaser


Free Comic Book Day 2012 is upon us, with comic book stores opening their doors Saturday May 5, 2012 with comics to give away. Last night, we turned our gaze toward ten in particular you should keep an eye out for, but today the focus shifts directly to number one on that list, DC Comics' FCBD New 52 Special, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by a who's who of DC artists, including Jim Lee.

Thanks to rumor and leaks, we've already heard of "Trinity War," though the specifics are next to nil thus far. [Click here for our guesses at which DC Trinity might be going to War next year.] Thanks to DC Comics, gone are the days of peering at a cell phone camera picture, with a high res (to your right) and extreme massive high res to the max (at this link... it's big) version of Jim Lee's four-page teaser spread to stare at and discern every detail.

This is a superhero war, that much is clear. Wonder Woman is fighting Aquaman (with Mera in tow), Superman has smashed one of Cyborg's arms in the process of slamming a pilar into the chest of a Green Lantern (John Stewart with new headgear, right?). Black Adam duels with Deadman (can magic lightning hurt an intangible ghost?), The Flash... runs a lot, and gets socked apparently by Vibe (Geoff's next pet project?).


The other two big points aside from more fighting are the skull in Batman's belt – the same one that appears on the cover of the issue, and then there's something about Atom. With the small waist, larger hips, defined posterior and a hint of slightly obscured breast – is this a new female Atom?

The full issue hits stands tomorrow, for free so DC fans looking to peer into the future of DC's New 52 have no excuse to not read this one. DC's official word on the FCBD issue from this release follows.

DC Comics – The New 52 FCBD Edition will also include

  • A cover by legendary artist Jim Lee, who also illustrated five interior pages
  • A new story written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Gene Ha and Kenneth Rocafort.
  • Exclusive preview material from DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 “Second Wave” titles, including BATMAN INCORPORATED, DIAL H, EARTH 2, G.I. COMBAT, THE RAVAGERS and WORLDS’ FINEST.
DC is also publishing a Vertigo FCBD issue for Mature Readers.

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