The New Captain Marvel Flies High in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN

July brings Captain Marvel #1, the first issue of a new series starring Carol Danvers — the former Ms. Marvel — taking up the role first established in the Marvel Universe of the 1960s by Kree warrior Mar-Vell.

That same month, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick is embarking on a two-issue stint of Marvel team-up book Avenging Spider-Man, pairing Spidey with a Carol Danvers still fresh to her new title. The arc is illustrated by husband-and-wife penciler/inker team Terry and Rachel Dodson, who worked with DeConnick's husband, Matt Fraction, on Uncanny X-Men and Defenders but are collaborating with DeConnick for the first time.

Newsarama talked to DeConnick and Terry Dodson about Carol and Peter Parker's "fun flirtation," how the story relates to the Occupy movement, returning to Spidey (Dodson) and working on a Spidey-starring story for the first time (DeConnick). Courtesy of Marvel, we're debuting three exclusive pages of interior art from Avenging Spider-Man #9, presented throughout the Q&A.


Newsarama: Kelly Sue, Terry, I'm guessing you were at least familiar with each other before this gig. How long have you wanted to collaborate on a project?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Honestly? It never really occurred to me that I could work with the Dodsons. It's probably some kind of "out of my league" thing, but it wasn't even that conscious a thought. When Steve Wacker said they'd be on the book though, I flipped out. Fraction had worked with them on Uncanny and Defenders, of course. I went into his office with my eyes like saucers. He told me, "You're going to be very happy." He was right. So right.

Terry Dodson: This project was assigned to me by Marvel and I accepted it knowing only that it was a Spidey/Ms. Marvel story but oddly, I didn't know who wrote the story. When Steve Wacker told me that Kelly Sue was writing the story, I was relieved! I had an interview with her from last year she did with John Siuntres on Word Balloon and thought that she be fun to work with — so bonus, great characters and writer!


Nrama: Avenging Spider-Man is usually a fairly lighthearted affair, and based solely on the cover image and what was said last month at C2E2, it looks like this story is firmly in the "fun" tradition. How would you both describe the tone and content of the story?

DeConnick: It's absolutely fun, but it's definitely trying to explore some stuff, too. In all sincerity, I was trying to process some of my thoughts about the Occupy movement and the privatization of the military.

But, you know, with a dude who has the proportional strength of a spider and a woman who shoots energy blasts from her fists.

Like ya do.

Dodson: High adventure — literally! Seemingly a fun story but the stakes are raised as the story continues — leads to lots of action but even better, great characterization — that's the fun stuff to draw!

Nrama: Kelly Sue, how do you characterize the dynamic between Peter Parker and Carol Danvers? And does it change at all with Carol's new status as Captain Marvel?


DeConnick: It's a fun flirtation. I don't know if I can imagine it becoming an actual relationship — I think Parker's a bit boyish for Carol, but you never know, I guess. The heart wants what it wants, right? Whatever else they are, they're very good friends. And no, Carol's new title changes nothing about that dynamic.

Nrama: Terry, it's now been 10 years since you illustrated a very famous Spidey story — The Evil That Men Do, written by Kevin Smith. How has your perspective on the character changed in that period?

Dodson: Actually — not much. Drawing Spider-Man again is like coming home and putting on your favorite slippers — it just feels right! I went into the story without any warm up or prep as I "know" exactly what Peter/Spidey would do or look — it's nice to have that solid of vision on a project — makes my job much easier and I think that comes through on the pages and helps out the reader as well!

Is was a little more effort on Captain Marvel as she has a brand new costume and a new series so I wanted to get that right and pretty with how it's turning out — Spidey and CM make a great pair together!

Nrama: Kelly Sue, you wrote Osborn, starring Spider-Man's greatest enemy, but this is, I believe, your first time writing a Spidey adventure in the classic sense. How has that been? (Pretty rad, probably.)


DeConnick: If I'd thought about it in those terms I probably would have choked! Pretty rad is an apt description, though. I just tried to get out of the way and let them have fun.

Nrama: Terry, since it's been announced that you're moving on from Defenders, what might be next for you after these two issues of Avenging Spider-Man?

Dodson: I'm really crazy busy — busiest I've ever been in a long time. On my plate is a Black Widow vs. Magik story for AVX: VS #3. I'm also doing covers for The Defenders #8 and #9, plus the variant cover to Spider-Men #3. I'm putting the final touches on the 2nd book of my European graphic novel series "Songes" which is being published in France by Les Humanoïdes Associés (and will appear in the US under the title "Muse" from Humanoids). And to just add a little extra stress in my life, I'm putting my next personal sketchbook, "Bombshells 6" — it will be out in time for Comic-Con International San Diego in July — whooh!

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