Devil's Due Publishing Plots Return, Plans to Pay Debts

Devil's Due Publishing is planning both a return to publishing and payment of their existing debt to creators, according to a statement released by company founder Josh Blaylock.

Now dubbed "Devil's Due Entertainment," details of their publishing slate are still vague at this time, with Blaylock stating his intentions for a "small roster of high quality projects." The Devil's Due website lists upcoming projects including Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl (produced with hip-hop artist Murs), graphic novel Mercy Sparx and prose novel When the Devil's Bills Came Due.


Much of Devil's Due's success in the previous decade stemmed from licensed properties like G.I. Joe and Voltron, though Blaylock says that's not necessarily part of his current plan.

"A decade ago licensed properties propelled the original DDP to the top, yet they did not do much long term," Blaylock said in his statement. "That is not how I wish to do things in the future, because chasing licenses to keep overhead and employees paid creates a vicious cycle. I'm still game to produce licensed goods that I’m passionate about, but there are now many more ways to cultivate a fanbase for original properties than there were 10 years ago."

Blaylock's is optimistic that Devil's Due's debt — which he says started out as more than a million dollars, and has been reduced by "a sizable six figures" — can be paid off within a year. Much of the current debt, he reports, is to creators, and future products from the company will display the "Project Rectify" logo, signifying to readers that proceeds will go to paying off those that are owed.

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