The Bendis Tapes, Back to School Edition - Part 3

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

Word Balloon rolls on this week, with part 3 of the back to school edition of The Bendis Tapes. John Siuntres and Brian Bendis field questions form the writer's Jinxworld message board.

Some highlights from the conversation ...

Ultimate Jessica Jones returns in the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual.

As for 616 Jessica, New Avengers #47 is about Luke Cage, Jessica, and their relationship.

The status of Daredevil: End of Days (The "last" DD story): Brian says he and David Mack are putting the final touches on the story.

What are the chances that the Bendis and Maleev one shots books would be collected in a trade? (including the Hawkeye-Wanda interlude in New Avengers #26, and Civil War-The Confession)

"It is a possibility."

The status of Maleev and Bendis's Icon project?

"It's way too early to talk about it we've both had big summers ...but pages have been written."

The Spider-Woman book will be according to Bendis, "Absolutely set in the Marvel U," but you will only have to buy Spider-Woman to get the whole story, "if that's your choice."

On the Powers TV Pilot-

Bendis had the first network story meeting, and surprisingly "Everyone in the meeting did read the comic. I gotta tell you I can count on my hands the times that (hasn't happened) when I laid out the story we had a very educated discussion about the characters and I was given the go ahead to write (the script)."

More on the Avengers line-up changes coming post-Secret Invasion:

"They will be dramatically different, the November Previews will have a couple of covers that will have people going "WHAT!!"...and "Who's in THAT Costume?" I will tell you, a major marvel character will have had it, with all this BS."

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