One More AVENGERS Scene Filmed This Week, According to Cast

Marvel's The Avengers debuted Wednesday evening with a world premiere sceening in Hollywood, but that apparently doesn't mean they were totally finished shooting the movie.

According to reports from various sources including The Hollywood Reporter, at Disney's press junket on Thursday, Robert Downey Jr. — appearing in Avengers for his third stint as Iron Man — stated that the cast was "shooting one more scene tonight," and added "not kidding." Director/writer Joss Whedon downplayed the comment and suggested Downey's words were in jest, but Mark Ruffalo, the movie's Hulk, backed up the news.

"Yeah, yeah — we’re shooting a scene tonight," Ruffalo told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don’t know where it’s going to go. I really don’t. We don’t even really know what it is yet."

If such a scene is a reality, it's clearly something that Marvel Studios didn't want to leak from the initial screenings, though cutting it this close to the official release — in North America on May 4, and Australia a week before — would be unprecedented.

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