C2E2 2012: MARK WAID Launches Digital THRILLBENT LIVE!

In advance of his "Mark Waid's Digital Comics" panel Friday evening at C2E2, the creator has issues a press release officially announcing his (along with TV writer producer and occasional comic book writer John Rogers) new Digital Comics venture, Thrillbent.

The panel starts presently and we'll be there live with a full report with more details about Thrillbent. The full text of the press release with initial details follows the CiL box below...

Mark Waid's Digital Comics

Date: Friday, April 13 
7:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Location: S401abc

Speakers: Mark Waid , Peter Krause

Join comics writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come) and artist Peter Krause (Irredeemable) for a series of big announcements as Waid unveils his new Digital Comics site launching next month! Waid and Krause will debut their new, online-only series with exclusive art and giveaways and talk about their plans for a digital future!

Press Release


LOS ANGELES, Ca. -- April 13, 2012 -- Award-winning comics and graphic-novel writer Mark Waid announced today at The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) that he will be launching Thrillbent, his new digital comics venture, on May 1, 2012.

Waid, along with LEVERAGE TV show helmer John Rogers, has created the Thrillbent website (www.thrillbent.com) -- "Comics For The Rest Of Us" -- as a one-stop showcase for all-new creator-owned digital comics by a number of established and up-and-coming talents, all eager to work in a wide and eclectic variety of genres. "I’ve been championing the digital frontier for some time," says Waid, whose most recent work has included spearheading Marvel Entertainment’s INFINITE COMICS digital-only offerings.  "Most 'digital' comics offered today are just repurposed scans of pages created for print. Comics designed specifically for tablets, smartphones and computer screens, however, can do things with pacing, with color and art, with tools of graphic storytelling that print can’t achieve, all while retaining their integrity as comics and not 'wannabe animation.' When done right, digital comics are a revolutionary new storytelling medium."

Thrillbent’s first regular feature will be a new, free weekly series produced by Waid and artist Peter Krause, the team behind the Eisner- and Harvey Award-nominated IRREDEEMABLE, with additional weekly series by Waid, Rogers and others soon to follow. For more information, email info@thrillbent.com.

ABOUT MARK WAID: Mark Waid, a New York Times bestselling author, has written thousands of comic books and graphic novels in his 28-year career. His award-winning graphic novel with artist Alex Ross, KINGDOM COME, is one of the best-selling comics collections of all time. Currently, he writes DAREDEVIL for Marvel Comics, IRREDEEMABLE for BOOM! Studios, and ROCKETEER: CARGO OF DOOM for IDW. Waid maintains a process blog at markwaid.com that is full of advice and discussion for experienced print-comics professionals and aspiring digital-comics creators.

ABOUT JOHN ROGERS: John Rogers' 16-year career is built on successes in numerous media. He's written and produced a wide range of television series including COSBY and the animated show JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES; most recently he co-created the hit caper series LEVERAGE for TNT. His film work includes over twenty scripts and rewrites including THE CORE and TRANSFORMERS. John has also worked in role-playing games and comics; his relaunch of BLUE BEETLE with Keith Giffen was critically acclaimed and a fan favorite. He's currently running the fifth season of LEVERAGE and is developing several online projects. In case the entertainment business falls through, John has a Physics degree to fall back on.

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