Best Shots Extra: Catwoman #82 - the Final Issue

Best Shots Extra: Catwoman #82

Catwoman #82 – Final Issue

From DC Comics

Writer: Will Pfeifer

Pencils: David Lopez

Inks: Alvaro Lopez

Colors: Jeromy Cox

Cover: Adam Hughes

Editor: Nachie Castro

For almost 70 years, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, has been a pop culture icon. She's been portrayed by half a dozen women (animated and live-action) and is probably Batman's second most well-known character is his rogue's gallery. Though, in the past decade, she's transformed from just a cat burglar with daddy issues into an anti-heroine (rather than a supervillainess) with her own title...and a mother (who still had a streak of kleptomania). However, now is the end of the line for her monthly book. While it wasn't the most grandest of send-offs in comicdom, it was simple, but an issue that any Cat-fan could appreciate Basically, Catwoman leads Batman on a chase through the streets of Gotham, during which time she steals his utility belt. He doesn't understand why she's doing what she's doing, nor does she. Selina finally realizes that she was meant to be Catwoman. In the end, she and Batman reach an understanding, but she reinforces her mischievous nature by stealing the Batmobile.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see this title go. For so long, it has been one of the most consistently enjoyable books in DC's output. Pfeifer has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of Selina's character as well as a confident and sure handle of her voice, all the while proving she's one of the DCU's richest and most complex characters. However, I'd also be lying if I said I'm not happy to see Selina return to a life of full-blown villainy. I just wish she could do so in her own book. I've said it before, and I'll say it again – one of these days, DC is going to realize there is an audience and a market for a series that focuses on a villain protagonist. DiDio really screwed the pooch on this one. There doesn't really seem like there are any strong, female lead characters with their own book. Oh wait, I'm sorry, there are two: Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I've heard rumors of Zatanna getting her own book, and I'm aware of Vixen's mini-series coming up and Batwoman's series still in limbo, unless new developments have occurred and I'm just not in the know.

There was still so much potential with Selina. While I enjoyed her going to her roots, it felt rushed. Quite honestly, there is not a whole lot of issue in this one. It's touching and we know she's not going anywhere, but she deserved better. Lopez's pencils took some time to rub off on me, though I still prefer the bolder style of Pete Woods. I'm hoping for a revamp in the near future, or possibly on Vertigo (where I hope they take Zatanna). It's almost as if this title was too good for us, as consumers. We took Selina for granted. Always on-time, Well-drawn, well-written. Something that is far and between in the industry.

Thanks for the ride, Ms. Kyle. Hasta la vista!

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