HALO Infographic Celebrates Bungie to Microsoft Baton Pass

The Halo franchise is undoubtedly one of the most important in video game history. It proved that First Person Shooters could be done right on console. It opened up the idea of online multiplayer taking it from a gimmick to a phenomenon. And oh yeah, it put Microsoft on the map as a must-own console maker.

Now that Bungie has struck back out on their own away from Microsoft, they are bidding their official farewell to their best-selling franchise, looking forward to new multi-platform games coming in the future (which we'll hopefully have an announcement on soon).

As they pass the baton over to Microsoft's 343 Studios – who are deep into development of Fall 2012's Halo 4 – Bungie.net's stat tracking of the various Halo games ends. To celebrate all that's been accomplished, all the sticky grenades that have gone boom and the no-scope headshots that have gone splat, Bungie released this massive infographic, showing ever stat they've tracked through literally more than twenty billion games played.

Check out that statistic and many more to the right, and tell us your all-time favorite Halo moment (single or multiplayer) at our social networks below.

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