Gerber's Final MAN-THING Story To Be Published in June

The last Man-Thing story by late writer Steve Gerber will finally see publication as a three-issue series starting in June, according to

According to artist Kevin Nowlan in a 2007 interview with The Collector Times, the Infernal Man-Thing miniseries started life as a Marvel graphic novel in the 1980s.

"As a reader, I assumed he was writing about his own inner, emotional life. He found all those wildly creative techniques for making his ideas work in the context of a 'horror' story," Nowlan told "I don't think there was anything comparable at the time; at least not in comics. We had super-heroics and soap opera and mystery and monsters, but Gerber was writing those wild, introverted stories about existential angst."

The story, titled "Screenplay of the Living Dead Man," was described by Nowlan as "the main character's violent struggle against his own mind." On his website, letterer Todd Klein discussed his work on the story, saying, "Wild stuff, wonderful art!"

Gerber, who passed away in 2008, wrote Man-Thing from 1974-1975, and is also noted for his work on Howard the Duck, Defenders, and more. Infernal Man-Thing #1 is scheduled for release in June with covers by Nowlan, Arthur Adams and Gil Kane, all of which can be viewed by scrolling through the "related images" gallery in the upper-right.

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