There's one distinction DC wants to make about their new Worlds' Finest comic: There's a good reason for the strange apostrophe placement.

It's not world's — as in "of one world."

It's worlds', as in "these characters are of more than one world."

This week, DC fans got a lot more information about both of those worlds, and found out a few more details about Huntress and Power Girl, the main characters of Worlds' Finest.

First, James Robinson spilled details about the mysterious new Earth 2 and the characters who occupy it.

In that world, Helena and Kara were known as Robin and Supergirl, respectively. But something happened on Earth 2 that caused them to be hurtled to the main DCU Earth.

Then later this week, readers of Huntress #6 found out that the mini-series ended with a scene that leads right into the beginning of Worlds' Finest.

In this world, Helena has finished her attack on Italian mobsters, but she only escapes with the assistance of multi-millionaire Karen Starr, who gives her a lift to Japan on her private jet.

What comes next? And what have these two ladies been up to all these years?

And does this have anything to do with why Worlds' Finest has two artists, in George Pérez and Kevin Maguire?


Newsarama talked to Huntress and Worlds' Finest writer Paul Levitz to find out.

Newsarama: Paul, let's start with this ending to Huntress. Since the last time we talked about Worlds' Finest, we've found out that they were Supergirl and Robin when they were on Earth 2, and that the "event" that tosses them here took place approximately five years ago. Is that the background to this meeting in Huntress #6?

Paul Levitz: Yeah, they arrive here as Robin and Supergirl, as a result of events of the first issue of Earth 2. They landed here five years ago, and they were pretty young.

We're picking up their story in the first issue of Worlds' Finest in the present day. George Pérez is drawing the "now" stuff. And then Kevin Maguire is drawing "then" stuff.

So Kevin gets to draw them arriving as Robin and Supergirl, the first moments as they're trying to figure out, "where the hell are we, and what's going on here?" And how they began to build lives.

And as of Worlds' Finest #1, Kara hasn't taken on a costumed identity. She hasn't become Power Girl yet in the New 52, at all. So at the end of the Huntress mini-series, we saw her as Karen Starr, in the role we saw from her in Mr. Terrific.

Worlds' Finest #1 will be the first moment that Kara puts on a superhero costume on this earth. Helen has been running around as the Huntress for awhile, and over the course of some point in the first year, we'll find out how she chose to become the Huntress specifically, and how that all ties into the Helena Bertinelli identity.

Nrama: So I assume they've done a bit of growing up and finding their own way after having been somewhat in the shadow of Superman and Batman on Earth 2. Will we see a lot of that in flashbacks, how they grew up from their former identities to their current lives?

Levitz: A little bit. I mean, you know, there are only so many pages to work with and there's a lot of story we want to tell with these two characters in the present day, which is part of the fun of it.


But yes, we'll find out how they chose these new identities. We'll find out how Kara got to be a billionaire, which we saw established in the Mr. Terrific series. She's an extraordinarily wealthy person. So there's got to be a journey to that.

And they've made very different choices about how to deal with the psychiatric trauma in their lives.

Nrama: In Huntress, we found out that Helena has a little bit in common with the Batman on this earth. But is she also a little different? Or is her similarity more tied in with the Batman on Earth 2?

Levitz: I think she's a little different from all the Batmen. She's making a life for herself on this earth, and saving the world is a "one-life-at-a-time" thing. She's got particular issues that matter to her, and a particular approach to it.

She's young. She's maybe 21 or 22, and she was tossed out of home, hearth and everything she recognized at 16. So she's a kid with a lot of attitude.

Nrama: We haven't been told as much about Karen Starr's background on Earth 2. Will you be exploring that in your series?

Levitz: Yes, we'll find out much more about her and why she's chosen to adapt to her situation on this earth the way she did.

Nrama: They have clearly chosen different paths, but at the end of Huntress, it seemed like they've stayed in touch. Right?

Levitz: Yeah, they've been each doing their own thing, to some extent. But they're the only two graduates of their "school," in a sense. They're the only people who can talk to each other about what happened, about everyone they knew and everything that went on in their world.

Nrama: It sounds like Worlds' Finest is the type of buddy comic we were expecting — mixing the whole Batman/Superman vibe — but it's also going to tie into a lot of what is coming up in the DC Universe related to Earth 2?

Levitz: Yeah. I hope I manage to capture an authentic tone in the friendship between the two women. I think it's a very special relationship.


There always was an interesting relationship between the two characters, but it's very different, obviously, than anything with Superman and Batman over the years. They're very different in their powers; they're very different in their approach; they're very different in their reaction to what happened on Earth 2.

But they're friends in a much more personal way that Bruce and Clark have ever been, maybe because they're younger, maybe because they're women, maybe because they're just who they are.

Nrama: Then to finish up, Paul, is there anything else you want to tell fans about the end of Huntress and what they can expect in Worlds' Finest?

Levitz: Just thanks for reading it. People seemed to really be enjoying it. They had a great deal of fun with the question of, "which Helena is she?" during the run of the Huntress. And I think that sort of "fill-in-the-missing-piece-of-the-puzzle" kind of fun should very much be at the heart of Worlds' Finest.

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