The Bendis Tapes, Back to School Edition - Part 1

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast we present the back to school edition of The Bendis Tapes, part 1. Brian Michael Bendis is back, with answers to fan questions posted at his Jinxworld Message Board.

We cover his current books like the in progress Secret Invasion, New and Mighty Avengers titles, Halo Uprising, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Ultimate Origins, along with future projects.

Plus Brian answers writing for comics craft questions submitted by aspiring fans.

Some news tidbits from part 1...

Ultimate Spider Man - The next big arc takes place around the events of Ultimatum, including the return of Ultimate Spider-Woman.

The Powers TV series is in very active development. Bendis is writing the pilot, and there is a studio and network involved, but they will be named later.

While Bendis writes the TV pilot, Powers artist Mike Oeming will be co-writing the comic series next few issues.

After Secret Invasion wraps up, what comes next for the Avengers?

Says Bendis, "All I can say is this story that follows SI is the one Joe Quesada got excited about when I first pitched the ideas behind SI... There will be new line-up changes for both teams.".

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