Hey, That's My Cape! JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM Review


I never know what to expect these days when I sit down to watch the latest animated feature from Warner Home Video. They’ve had a few titles that blew me away (Wonder Woman) and a few that disappointed (Green Lantern: First Flight), so expectations were high as I settled in for the premiere of Justice League: Doom. A great writer, great cast, and one of my favorite comic stories being adapted made me hopeful this would be a good one.

With all that takes place in the film, it’s a wonder it’s coherent but it is, and it’s tremendously entertaining. Each member of the League goes up against their rivals; Bane (so, so evil), Cheetah, Metallo, Star Sapphire, Mirror Master, and Ma’alefa’ak. The attacks take place almost simultaneously and though the action is quick, it’s always clear and definitely epic. My jaw was on the floor during certain moments and I was loving every minute of it. The drama in each of these scenes is phenomenal but it’s kicked up a notch as the team has to join forces against Vandal Savage’s ultimate goal – killing a good portion of the world’s population.

I had a few thoughts as the credits rolled. One was simply, wow. Another was, we need a new Justice League animated television series immediately. And lastly, that Justice League: Doom was perfect in my eyes and one hell of a sign off for McDuffie. Personal feelings aside, he crafted a spectacular script that has action, suspense, drama, and comedy in spades. A comic fan couldn’t ask for more. If you haven’t picked up a DC animated feature in a while, this is the one to buy.

Warner Home Video will be releasing Justice League: Doom on blu-ray, DVD and for download on February 28.

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