Exclusive Dark Horse First Look: DRAGON AGE #2 Digital Cover

Exclusive DH First Look: DRAGON AGE #2

Dark Horse is going full speed ahead with their digital comics initiative. About a year after the launch of digital.darkhorse.com, their own cross-platform digital store, Dark Horse is now using the format to deliver digital exclusives of two comic books based on popular video game franchises.

First to kick off is Prototype 2, launching Wednesday February 15th as a biweekly digital-first series. In alternating weeks with it will be Dragon Age, the first comic book based on the popular BioWare franchise that's also written by writers of the games.

To celebrate this week's launch of the initiative, Dark Horse sent over this exclusive look at the cover to Dragon Age #2, featuring the ultimate ladies man of the franchise, the Grey Warden Alistair.

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