Hey That's My Cape! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Trailer Analyzed

Most of you probably already know I’m a bigger DC Comics fan than Marvel Comics fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t love certain characters from their universe or aren’t excited to see them brought to life on the big screen. But there is one character and one movie in particular that never got me very excited. I’m talking about Spider-Man and his newest film appearance in Amazing Spider-Man.

I’m not sure why I never got into Spider-Man when I was younger, I just didn’t. Though I do prefer my heroes to be on the confident side and that’s something I never saw in Peter Parker. From what I had witnessed, he was always questioning himself and unsure about life. But then, at a friend’s insistence, I started reading Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man and found myself interested in the character for the first time.

I enjoyed the Toby Maguire Spider-Man series of films but I think we can all agree that they had some pretty terrible moments, particularly the third film. When I heard they were going to make a fourth with the same actors I wanted to tell them to give it a rest but Hollywood and character rights being what they are, they decided to move ahead, only to change direction and reboot the series instead.

“Really? Another Spider-Man film already?” I thought. Well, I just found it annoying. Especially when so many other great characters have yet to be explored on film. The casting of Andrew Garfield was an interesting choice, one that I wasn’t particularly for or against but I was in wait and see mode. Emma Stone was on the plus side for me though so I was anticipating seeing them both in action in the trailer.

“Ok, here we go,” I thought when I sat down to watch the trailer. So far so good as far as visuals go, and then Spider-Man trash talked the car thief and that’s when I realized, I really wanted to see this movie. [more after the trailer]

It just really struck me as true Peter/Spider-Man dialogue. Ok, so now they’ve got me. As the trailer continued I was extremely surprised how much they showed us of Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors or rather, his alter ego, The Lizard. It’s the kind of thing Hollywood usually goes out of its way to keep hidden so as to let audiences see the big reveal at their local theater but that’s definitely not the case here. Of course everything goes by very quickly but there are tons of shots of the villain. Some people don’t like that he’s without a snout but I can understand why he doesn’t have it. The actor will be speaking while in Lizard form and trying to make a snout mouth look believable probably wouldn’t work without it looking extremely cartoon-like.

There are still a few little things that bother me. As much as I love the chance to have Gwen be the focal point of Peter’s life instead of MJ this time around, I really, really wish they had let Stone play MJ. It’s not just that I think she looks great as a redhead (though she’s a natural blonde), it’s just one of those “what if?” kind of moments. I just feel like Stone has MJ’s particular brand of spunk and moxy. I’ve enjoyed her in all the work I’ve seen her in though, so I’m sure Amazing Spider-Man will be no different. I also think Garfield looks a little too “cool” in his Peter-persona, especially the quick scenes we see of him in high school. We’ll see how things pan out.

I also have to mention, and many others have said this as well, the trailer looks incredibly dark. Not Batman Begins dark, more like they needed a bigger budget for lighting dark. Hopefully it won’t be so shady in theaters.

But I digress, I was one of those people of the mind that this Spider-Man reboot didn’t need to happen at all, or at least, didn’t need to happen yet. I absolutely still feel that way but it doesn’t take away from the fact that thanks to this trailer, I now believe it’s going to be a great film. Though it’s funny, a good number of people I know who were already looking forward to it were disappointed after seeing the trailer while others, like myself, came away more excited than planned. It doesn’t matter though, all of us are going to see it anyway, right?

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