For artist David Finch, his goals for the success of Batman: The Dark Knight are being accomplished in two steps:

1) Get the comic out on time.

2) Get an acclaimed writer on board who can take the book in the direction Finch envisions.

The first to-do item on Finch's list has been firmly met, as the Batman: The Dark Knight has hit its deadlines ever since September's relaunch.

And beginning in June, Finch believes the second half of his list will happen as thriller novelist Gregg Hurwitz joins the creative team. (See our interview with Hurwitz here.)

Batman: The Dark Knight was originally written and drawn by Finch, but delays plagued the series until the artist brought in some help with penciling.

When DC relaunched the comic in September with the rest of its New 52 titles, Finch had a co-writer in Paul Jenkins, who eventually took over the writing on his own in issues #8 and #9.

With Batman: The Dark Knight #10, Hurwitz becomes the official writer on the series, and Finch couldn't be more thrilled. We talked to the artist to find out more about his plans for the title and why he thinks this writer fits the book so well.

Newsarama: Dave, I actually just interviewed Gregg. It sounds like he's got some cool ideas.

David Finch: Obviously, I'm really excited to be working with him. It's something I've wanted to talk about for a little while, and I had to wait for DC to announce it.

He's just a fantastic writer. And he's a really acclaimed writer right now, which I'm really thrilled about. I loved his Penguin story that he just did. It was amazing, and it was really the kind of Batman story that would be a good fit for our book.

I think for The Dark Knight to be as strong as it can be, it has to have a reason for being, beyond just being another Batman book and a vehicle for my artwork. And I think Gregg's story gives it the direction its been lacking.

The book has been a little more directionless than I would like. I think Gregg coming on the book with the vision that he has, it gives the book the focus that it's really needed.

I'm dedicated to making this book as good as it can be, and making the changes and doing the things that I need to do to get it there.

I've been much more on time...

Nrama: Dave, you've been completely on time.

Finch: Yeah, I've been completely on time, for quite awhile now. I know that was something that was really hurting the book early on.

I really made the commitment, and this book means everything to me. So I've really made the commitment to getting this out on time, and having it in retailers' hands when they need it.


I want to mention my inker, Rich Friend, who is really the cornerstone of the book. He's handling a lot of the stuff behind the scenes, and the work he's been doing is great. This book wouldn't be where it is, and the schedule wouldn't be where it is without him.

But now that we've got Gregg Hurwitz on board as the writer, I feel like this is the last piece of the puzzle. This is getting a phenomenal writer with a great story, start to finish.

He's a writer who's got the kind of vision and the ideas for the book's direction that really define its story, and that's something we could really use on the book.

So I'm thrilled.

Nrama: He said he thinks he has a unique take on Scarecrow versus Batman and their different ways of using fear. Does that mean we'll see some pretty wild stuff from you in this storyline?

Finch: He's got some pretty crazy things in there. And you know, I kind of made the decision a couple years ago that I wanted to pull back on some of the more grotesque elements in my artwork that I had been drawing. And I felt pretty good about that decision, keeping things a little bit lighter and maybe keeping some of the more violent panels in silhouette and not really going there as much.

In this story, I think I'm going to be going there a little more. It's really going to be a little more grotesque.

But this story is also so intelligent. It has so much meaning, and I think there's a time when it's necessary to make the book work in both those ways.

So I feel really comfortable pushing the boundaries a little bit, more than I have been, because he's got such a high quality approach to the themes we're exploring.

Nrama: Are you adjusting your art at all for his style of writing? Or are we going to see the same approach we've seen from you so far?

Finch: I guess a little bit of both. My art kind of is my art, really. I always think in my head that I've changed things up quite a bit, and the book comes out, and it seems to just look like my art.

But at the same time, Gregg wrote a very down-and-dirty Gotham, dark kind of story. There are a lot of flashbacks, I think, that will have a bit of a different, interesting look, hopefully.


The whole story is the kind of stuff I draw the best.

I've had a whole lot of fun drawing Superman and drawing some crazy characters and just going a little bit broad with the stories, but Gregg's story is going much more to my comfort zone, drawing this kind of dark, more psychological material.

Nrama: We got quite a bit of information from Gregg about what he's hoping to bring to the comic. So to finish up, is there anything else you want to tell your fans about what's coming up?

Finch: I think the main thing I want to tell fans is that Gregg Hurwitz is coming! I think that's enough right there.

It's pretty thrilling for me. And also, it hopefully give the fans the confidence that this book is really going to be the book that it can be.

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