SCENE IT: STAR WARS Coming To a Galaxy Near You

SCENE IT: STAR WARS Coming in 2012

Screenlife's Scene It DVD/Board Game trivia hybrid franchise celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2012. To celebrate, they've finally teamed with the biggest franchise of all for their big Fall 2012 release: Scene It: Star Wars. The game, along with a major new feature, is being officially announced at Toy Fair 2012 in New York City next week, and a press release teased the set early.

The latest in a series of trivia games supported by an interactive DVD that has reached into film franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight, Scene It: Star Wars will cover all six of the live-action films, currently being re-released in 3D in theaters, starting with Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace on February 10, 2012. New puzzle types are joining the new game, including a behind-the-scenes feature called "Jedi Archives." These, instead of using the traditional movie scenes, will use storyboards, production stills, and concept art to support the trivia; this is a game designed for true Star Wars fans. "Imperial Listening Post" will have players identifying the iconic Star Wars sound effects, and "Holonet Disruptions" will present clues as holographic projections, making the player the "only hope" for solving trivia questions.

While the game will come with the trademark DVD full of trivia questions and puzzles, for the first time no DVD will be necessary to play one of their boxed games. A new streaming option will be available for laptops, tablets, and web-connected TVs, even including "bonus content not found on the disc."

In addition to Scene It: Star Wars, Screenlife is also releasing Scene It: Movie Night in Fall 2012. The new edition of their more general set features "the biggest blockbusters of the past 20 years," says the press release. Movies from Wayne's World to Cloverfield to Bridesmaids were mentioned specifically, and the new streaming option will also be included with Movie Night.

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