ADAM WARROCK's New Album: Perfect Soundtrack for Wednesdays

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Adam WarRock's You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?

'Rama Rating: 10 out of 10

Adam WarRock is nerdier than you.

The thing of it is, he's also cooler than you.

In his latest release, You Dare Call That Thing Human?!?, dropping February 13, 2012, WarRock continues his comic book themed and inspired raps, but there's something different this time around. While comic readers will have no problem checking off copious comic book references – from obscure Quicksilver nods to an entire song about Booster Gold (from first person perspective) – WarRock's delivery and production level are so drastically improved from previous releases that it seems like everything else has just been practice.

Throughout the album, Adam WarRock touches on just about every style of rap/hip-hop that's been popular in the last couple of years, and puts on a clinic. Using the natural story-telling of characters like the Mutant Liberation Front and references to the Infinity Gauntlet, DC's New 52, and more, WarRock demonstrates nerdcore rap's real appeal, and potential. Yeah, these are nerdy lyrics, but they tell real stories and do it with beats and rhymes that show not just his talent, but the polish that comes from grinding the last few years.

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Guest stars like Beefy, MC Lars, and Doctor Awkward lend some extra cred to this latest release, but WarRock remains the clear star. He doesn't let up, whether rapping at the rate of a speedster in "616" (check out the single in the embedded player above) or self-deprecating in "Sensitive Side." There's a new level of comfort to his flow that simply hasn't been on his other LPs. Maybe it's the near-constant stream of EPs he's been putting out online to keep himself fresh, or maybe it's simply the experience of touring and learning from his peers, but WarRock delivers an album that will be teaching others, instead.

Hip-hop fans, especially nerdy ones, have a lot to like in this new album. For comic book fans who maybe haven't taken a real run at nerdcore yet, with its usual proclivity for video games over comics, this is the album to try, and the one that will convert you. Funny, smart, and smooth, Adam WarRock establishes himself as a strong contender for leader of the "Justice League of Nerdcore" with this latest release, and gives you the perfect soundtrack for your Wednesday haul.

The 15-track album You Dare Call That Thing Human?!? is available in disc format, or directly from the artist at as well as all digital download outlets (iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic).

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