DC Announces Rob Liefeld's NEW 52 Collaborators


: DC has since edited their post on The Source for clarity, stating that Frank Teiri will be scripting Grifter, and Mark Poulton will be scripting The Savage Hawkman. Liefeld plots both books.

Original story: In January, DC announced that Rob Liefeld would be joining the creative teams of The Savage Hawkman, Grifter and Deathstroke in May, and on Friday announced who else will be working on those books.

Frank Tieri, best known for his Marvel work on books like Deadpool and Weapon X, and the writer of 2011 video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, will co-write Grifter with Liefeld. Mark Poulton, who's currently writing Liefeld's creation Avengelyne for Image Comics, will co-write The Savage Hawkman.

Previous Deathstroke artist Joe Bennett will move to The Savage Hawkman, while artist Scott Clark remains on Grifter. The next project for Hawkman artist Philip Tan remains unclear.

As announced last month, Liefeld will be writing and drawing Deathstroke — as he's doing on the remaining issues of Hawk and Dove, which wraps in April. Originally, Liefeld was announced as "plotting" Grifter and The Savage Hawkman, but a post on DC's publicity's blog The Source simply listed Tieri as "co-writer," and said that Poulton will "share plotting duties."

"I'll probably script one of those but not both, there's only so much time in the day," Liefeld told Newsarama in a January interview.

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