Robinson & Chang Bring New Character to DCU PRESENTS

New Character & Team in DCUP #9



Vandal Savage is already a part of the DC New 52, but now his daughter is joining the fray.

No, we don't mean Scandal.

In DCU Presents #9, due out in May 2012, the third story arc begins, featuring a story by James Robinson and Bernard Chang. After Deadman and the Challengers of the Unknown each have a feature story in the ongoing, a new character takes the spotlight, FBI Profiler Kass Sage. Sage "has to reach out to her father" for help in a case, and that means visiting her father, the immortal serial killer Vandal Savage in prison.

Bringing Vandal into the modern-day DCU may have some farther reaching implications, with his current role in Demon Knights. Kass Sage is also the most prominent all-new character to come into the New 52, receiving a starring role.

Included images, courtesy DC Blog The Source, show Chang's character sketches of Sage and Savage's modern day look.

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